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The over 50s Transformation Package

I know I need to do something more to keep my health and vitality in later years. I need to retain ideal weight and improve my strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

I have no idea where to start and wonder if it is too late?

The Gold Transformation Program

I desperately need to make some changes. I am fed up of not feeling good and I am unhappy with my body.

I really can’t face the idea of joining a class or a group and there is no way I can go it alone.


Outdoor Boot Camp every Monday and Thursday 9.15am. Spin at 658 Fitness Tuesdays 7.00pm (non-member’s welcome). Contact me for details.

Here Is What My Clients Say About Me

My situation before I started working with Paul – too busy at work to exercise, unfit, low energy levels, poor diet and hydration.

I did have reservations. Would I see a worthwhile response? Would it have an impact? Would it be enjoyable? Would it be suited to my needs and level of fitness?

With Paul the experience has been very enjoyable, real partnership working, bespoke training and focus on lifestyle. Now an essential part of my week.

The best result for me was the improved energy levels in all aspects of life.


My situation was that of a middle-aged, grey-haired, comfort eater who denied himself nothing. A man who would ‘go large’ on any meal and whose definition of eating in, involved buying a pre-cooked chicken. I had lost any hope of making serious changes to my fitness. My only thought was that I could marginally improve my fitness and not grow more unfit.

My reservation was that you wouldn’t stop at fitness but would insist on meddling with my diet and insist I drastically cut down on junk food and crisps. In that respect you have confirmed my worst fears.

Its been fun but hard graft. No short cuts. No excuses entertained (although I have tried.) You’ve pushed me much further than I thought I could cope with. And I found I could do it. That’s been a big surprise.

My best result is a change in my attitude. I have real belief I can make real, substantial and sustained life changes. Regarding measurable change: my percentage of body fat has reduced and in a few short weeks (at only one session a week) I’ve gone from obese to just overweight. So real progress has occurred.


(no crisps were consumed during the writing of this testimonial)

I had not long finished treatment and been given the all clear from Breast Cancer. The medication had made me put on weight over the 5 years, but I had not realised how much until looking at photos from a recent holiday in Jamaica! My confidence was at rock bottom and it was starting to have a negative effect on my life. Over the years I’d done the gyms, the classes etc and was not a naturally sporty person and had no motivation to revisit any of these or try a new sport. I had also recently lost my Mum who I was very close to. It made me think of my own mortality an how much I needed to be around for my children, so I had to make sure I was fit and healthy for them as well as me. One day I just decided I needed to do something to give me a kick start and browsed the internet for a local personal trainer. Once I made the call to Paul and arranged a consultation I had made a commitment to start to rebuild my confidence and to get fit and healthy again.

I was very nervous on the first training session and also felt completely useless and so unfit for quite a few sessions after. However, after just 3 months I can slowly but surely see a big improvement to my fitness level and also my body shape. I have gone down a dress size and people (including my husband!) have started to make comments about how much better I look. I probably drive Paul mad with my constant complaints at every session about the exercises he gives me to do and my “I can’t do it!” comments, but he pushes me and encourages me to keep going and we also have a good laugh. I have even started to go out running in between sessions now I am so much fitter. That was unheard of a few months ago. Thanks Paul!