My situation before I started working with Paul – too busy at work to exercise, unfit, low energy levels, poor diet and hydration.

I did have reservations. Would I see a worthwhile response? Would it have an impact? Would it be enjoyable? Would it be suited to my needs and level of fitness?

With Paul the experience has been very enjoyable, real partnership working, bespoke training and focus on lifestyle. Now an essential part of my week.

The best result for me was the improved energy levels in all aspects of life.


My situation was that of a middle-aged, grey-haired, comfort eater who denied himself nothing. A man who would ‘go large’ on any meal and whose definition of eating in, involved buying a pre-cooked chicken. I had lost any hope of making serious changes to my fitness. My only thought was that I could marginally improve my fitness and not grow more unfit.

My reservation was that you wouldn’t stop at fitness but would insist on meddling with my diet and insist I drastically cut down on junk food and crisps. In that respect you have confirmed my worst fears.

Its been fun but hard graft. No short cuts. No excuses entertained (although I have tried.) You’ve pushed me much further than I thought I could cope with. And I found I could do it. That’s been a big surprise.

My best result is a change in my attitude. I have real belief I can make real, substantial and sustained life changes. Regarding measurable change: my percentage of body fat has reduced and in a few short weeks (at only one session a week) I’ve gone from obese to just overweight. So real progress has occurred.


(no crisps were consumed during the writing of this testimonial)

I had not long finished treatment and been given the all clear from Breast Cancer. The medication had made me put on weight over the 5 years, but I had not realised how much until looking at photos from a recent holiday in Jamaica! My confidence was at rock bottom and it was starting to have a negative effect on my life. Over the years I’d done the gyms, the classes etc and was not a naturally sporty person and had no motivation to revisit any of these or try a new sport. I had also recently lost my Mum who I was very close to. It made me think of my own mortality an how much I needed to be around for my children, so I had to make sure I was fit and healthy for them as well as me. One day I just decided I needed to do something to give me a kick start and browsed the internet for a local personal trainer. Once I made the call to Paul and arranged a consultation I had made a commitment to start to rebuild my confidence and to get fit and healthy again.

I was very nervous on the first training session and also felt completely useless and so unfit for quite a few sessions after. However, after just 3 months I can slowly but surely see a big improvement to my fitness level and also my body shape. I have gone down a dress size and people (including my husband!) have started to make comments about how much better I look. I probably drive Paul mad with my constant complaints at every session about the exercises he gives me to do and my “I can’t do it!” comments, but he pushes me and encourages me to keep going and we also have a good laugh. I have even started to go out running in between sessions now I am so much fitter. That was unheard of a few months ago. Thanks Paul!


I had put on weight over the years and as far as keeping fit was concerned I had only done swimming from time to time. I was losing confidence in myself as I had gone up a couple of dress sizes and my blood pressure was higher than it should have been.

I decided it was time to do something about it so I joined the gym.

I didn’t have many reservations except I questioned my own commitment to the programme you would set out for me but my determination to lose weight I hoped would spur me on to persevere and it did!

It has been challenging at times but your sense of humour, your commitment and the passion you have for the job was the key to me persevering. Also the fact that I feel much more confident, have lost one and a half stone and my blood pressure is now normal and my well-being is high.

I have a self- discipline/determination now I never had before not just in fitness but in other areas of my life.

The best result of this for me is completing my first half-marathon.


Before I joined you I was very overweight at 17 and a half stone and with a BMI of 35. I had high cholesterol, very poor fitness, poor eating habits, took little or no exercise (other than walking at weekends) and had very little stamina, anything physical was a chore and felt down about my health prospects going into my mid to late fifties and beyond.

I had been to gyms over the years but hadn’t achieved any real results. Unsupervised, I tended to stick to equipment and exercises I was familiar with, which wasn’t necessarily the right equipment or exercise I needed. I gave up too easily on individual exercises and lacked the motivation to push myself as I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing.

I had thought about using a personal trainer but didn’t have the courage to speak to the trainers you often see in gym’s. They were generally young and athletic and spent their time chatting to young people in the gym and I didn’t want to embarrass myself by approaching them and being rejected as I wasn’t the right age group (I’m 54).

I met Paul Halstead at a network breakfast meeting. He seemed about my age and I felt a connection and thought that this was someone I could train with without feeling old and decrepit.

I was still concerned that personal training wouldn’t be the right thing for me as I felt so unfit and out of condition that I would be wasting my time and money.

The process of working with Paul has been a lot better than I expected. He assesses where you’re at very quickly and gets to work on improving your fitness in the required areas at the correct pace. I imagine that it must be soul destroying to be set tasks that you can’t achieve but Paul encourages you to succeed but supports and encourages you when he knows you’ve given your all in a particular task . As such you always feel that you’re making progress. I’ve been able to see my weight coming down and my figure improving and friends and family have commented on how much better I look. I’ve definitely got more energy now, I’m a lot more mobile and flexible, and don’t now feel tired when I’m climbing stairs and lifting and carrying.

The best result I’ve got from working with Paul is that my partner now finds me physically attractive!!


I needed that extra kick up the backside to get motivated to lose the 5 stone(!!) I put on after my second child Molly was born. Paul was exactly what I needed. I’ve had a number of personal trainers before but none have been so easy to relate with as Paul. More than anything I got the results I wanted!!!
Kathleen Wood - Southport GMTV Correspondent.

After numerous gym memberships and other personal trainers, at last I am getting results and enjoying training with Paul, he can even put fun into “no pain-no gain” !!!
Lisa M.P. – Southport

Hard work. But God what results…We lost loads of pounds. And got some great lifestyle hints that we still use.
Mr & Mrs M - Formby

Under the professional guidance, hard work and motivation of Paul I am TWO dress sizes smaller!!! Paul has always proved to be approachable, reliable, flexible and full of encouragement.
T.J. Towse - Formby

Paul has organised programmes which work on different components of fitness, including stamina, strength and speed. He makes sure the sessions are varied so that boredom doesn’t set in. He works you hard, but is always full of encouragement, and believe or not, the sessions are
Jane McKeating - Formby

As a total novice, Paul has developed an individual, interesting and productive training programme and sessions to suit my progressing fitness levels and my character. His enthusiasm, professional skill and commitment have inspired me to go from step to step and reduce my
weight, to tone up and increase my strength and stamina beyond which I thought I would never be able to do. His bright, humorous way and obvious enjoyment of his work has made it a pleasure to recommend Paul to other clients as a Personal Trainer.
Ms Nicky. S Dandy, BA(Hons) - Formby

Paul is easy to get on with, helpful with his advice and has now been working with me for over a year. When I feel motivated to exercise Paul helps me to channel my energy, and in times when I don’t feel like exercise Paul provides me with the encouragement to turn the corners. In the last year I have lost over a stone and decreased my body fat count by 6% to 22.5%. Thanks to his guidance and support I was absolutely delighted to have completed the Liverpool 10k in under 54 minutes. Five months previous I would have taken three hours to walk it!!
Andy - Aughton

Paul put me at ease on my first visit and has continued to reassure me throughout my training. He is professional at all times. He manages to make me focus even at my most difficult times. I have reached my goal of running the 10K, which was a great challenge to me as a non-runner. I have also reached my optimum levels of fitness but I continue to have sessions with Paul as I find it enjoyable and still challenging. I would recommend Paul to anyone at any level of fitness. Paul is a ‘Mr Motivator’.
Paula Field - Formby